Your company's mission and vision statements are more than just words on paper. These statements define your company's purpose, value, and differentiation. Aligning these statements to measurable business goals, while addressing marketing challenges and identifying the associated metrics, that's how Marketing Mana helps you earn power.

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Usability Heuristic

Every page of your website is evaluated to ensure alignment with business goals, company mission and vision. The purpose is to improve the overall user experience on your website by helping new or returning users engage on your site, find answers to their questions, and use your site as a resource. Results depend on the business goals defined, but may include improved SEO, increased leads, shortened lead conversion, and increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and net promoter score.

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Competitive Analysis

How does your company compare in the marketplace? What are your customers asking for, where are their needs met, and do they have unmet needs or wants? These are just some of the questions we explore to strengthen your marketing message.

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Social Media Strategy

Avoid the shiny new object syndrome and have a social media presence on the platforms that make sense for your business and your customers. 

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Brand Guidelines

The Brand Story is created from your Mission statement, Vision statement, and Core Values. The Brand Voice describes the tone, message, and vocabulary style used in marketing assets.

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Marketing Strategy & Plan

Equipped with a well-informed and effective marketing plan, you will see your business succeed with increased revenues due to a deeper understanding of your customers, best places to engage with them, and a clear marketing plan to execute against.

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Marketing Impacts Results

You may have heard that Marketing is an art and a science. We agree. Analyzing data and understanding customer behavior (online and offline)  provides valuable information leading to insights and actions to move your business forward. Marketing Mana helps you understand your customers inside and out. We look at their behaviors and dive deep to understand what they are trying to solve or do, and how the marketplace and your business meets their needs.

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