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About - Marketing Mana LLC


we match your business to your customers' needs

Marketing Mana listens to your marketing goals and challenges, goes deeper with customer understanding, and identifies insights to develop messaging that resonates with your customers. We deliver results through customized marketing strategies and plans tailored to your target segments.

Proven Success


Alexis Rago founded Marketing Mana LLC in 2018 to focus on customer-centric marketing strategies, help small businesses grow, and be available for her two boys, Charlie Keanu and Cole Pono. Born and raised in Hawaii, Alexis believes in mana, or the power earned from choosing righteously. In marketing terms, you earn mana when you listen to your customers and understand their experience.

 The Big Kahuna

Mahalo to Steve Ewert for inviting me to be included in his series “Portraits of Successful Women”. Click on my image to see the whole series showcased in his blog and check out his headshots.

Alexis Rago

Founder, Owner

With 20+ years of marketing expertise in various industries, including retail, CPG, travel & leisure, financial, grocery, and internet providers, Alexis has worked with top brands on marketing projects of all sizes from multi-million email subscriber campaigns to localized yard signs and door-to-door sales team materials. Her experience includes target segments of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers via digital and traditional advertising and marketing methods.

Originally from Hawai’i, Alexis brings energy into every meeting, cares about her clients’ success, and solves marketing challenges and problems of all sizes. Alexis guides her clients through tough questions as they build the solid foundation for marketing strategies to execute against. Alexis has also been known to kick an okole or two using SMART goals, structure, and accountability so that small business owners achieve the growth they know is possible.

speaking events



Brand, Messaging, and Call to Action: What’s behind a brand? How do you share your brand’s promise and differentiation across your marketing strategy?

7/16/20 SCORE Webinar:

It’s not about you. Join your customer on their journey.

4/16/20 NACC Webinar:

Key Learnings from a Pandemic: Reassessing your Marketing Strategy and Creating Opportunities

2019 Mastermind Workshop:


4/12/19 WESOS South Naperville Chapter:

You may be talking, but are your customers listening?

3/6/19 and 3/20/19: NaperLaunch Marketing Series Workshop 

Email Marketing: The tried and true workhorse

2/28/19 WESOS Foundations of Success Women’s Conference: 

You may be talking, but are your customers listening? Creating value-add content through customer understanding.

2/7/19 and 2/21/19 NaperLaunch Marketing Series Workshop

Content Marketing: Customer-centric focus drives results

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