Our 360-Degree Approach

Marketing Mana LLC helps small business owners understand their consumers, data, and marketing opportunities to grow their business by looking at the challenge from all angles. 

Choosing Pono

Choosing Pono means making the right choice. Alexis founded Marketing Mana because she saw how hard small business owners work, how many areas they took on, and how marketing is a critical part of the success equation. A deep understanding of the consumer drives the strategies to connect small business' products/services with consumer needs. The results are matched with success metrics that show the power of marketing.

Meet the Team

Alexis is the Big Kahuna at Marketing Mana. Your strategic marketing project will be handled by Alexis. Should the need arise for execution of the marketing plan, Alexis will find the right partner for your needs through her extensive network of experts.


Alexis Rago

Big Kahuna

With 15+ years of marketing expertise in various industries, including retail, CPG, travel & leisure, financial, grocery, and internet providers, Alexis has worked with top brands on marketing projects of all sizes from multi-million email subscriber campaigns to localized yard signs and door-to-door sales team materials. Her experience includes target segments of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers via digital and traditional advertising and marketing methods.

The time for change is now

Business is good, but ask yourself, can it be even better? Maybe business isn't good, yet, but you know it will be. Choose pono and we'll figure out growth opportunities and you'll see results with Marketing Mana.