Did you know that Marketing Mana helps job seekers land their ideal job quickly? Job seeking and marketing strategy is a natural fit; Marketing Mana focuses on creating powerful connections, which is directly applicable to job seekers as they refine their story-telling skills in written and spoken form to find the right role at the right company.

When I was working with my first clients, I focused on their resume, specifically shifting the content to highlight their achievements, instead of describing their job functions and responsibilities. I often noticed the bullet points were missing the standard Context Action Result (CAR) format, and quantifiable results were rarely mentioned, if at all.

We discussed each bullet point, understanding the situation surrounding it, culling the CAR points and adding in metrics wherever possible. I get it, metrics are hard. Please note, it’s unethical to fabricate results; if you know sales at least doubled, but you are unsure by how much, state that sales increased 100% or more, erring on the conservative side. Sometimes you need to look at metrics from a different view, it’s not always about the impact on the P&L, there are ways to impact the culture that can have hard to measure impact on the business.

As these golden nuggets of achievement became evident, my clients started to see their contributions as valuable, and see themselves as a true asset to a company. That’s when the magic happened. My clients increased their confidence, knew their story better than ever, understood what they overcame, what they contributed to their previous companies, and felt worthy. It’s powerful to watch someone believe in themselves again.

If you haven’t been laid off, downsized, restructured, or geographically pushed out of a job before, I don’t think you have lived a full business life. Trust me, it’s not fun, and I don’t wish it upon anyone. It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit (and quite frankly, once is enough), however, it has helped me understand the reality of business and companies. It helped me be more sensitive when it happened to my colleagues and even my own team member (I was not asked for any input). It helped me understand the fear, self-doubt, relief, and mixed emotions that come with each individual situation. If you have lost your job, the best way to handle talking about it in an interview is to stay factual, stay positive, and keep it short. For example:

“I was laid off from Company X in (month) along with x% of my team/workforce (or I was part of the 5th round of layoffs in 6 months). I valued my time there as it allowed me to learn x, y, and z, and I grew into my role by ___. I’m looking forward to learning more about this role at your company and the opportunity to contribute to the bottom line and continue my growth as a leader.”

As I continued to work with clients, I developed a collaborative framework to guide my clients through the process, ensuring that they not only landed a job, but they landed the job that is best for them at this point in their life. This looks different for everyone, for example, a single mom with younger kids may need a job that is close to home, with regular hours; whereas a mom with school-age kids may be more flexible with her commute. Describing the company culture, position, team dynamics, and other attributes, helps my clients focus on their ideal job in their search. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses allows my clients to take action and be prepared for those tougher interview questions. Looking at an ideal job description provides insight into what they need to highlight on their resume and in their interviews.

It’s not an easy process, and it’s not always quick. I work side-by-side with my clients to refine messaging, word-smith, and focus on achievements, and outside of our sessions, my clients have homework to continue the process.

“No matter the outcome of the interviews this week I am really gaining a confidence in myself and a strong sense for where I want to land. I love that and I feel so empowered.”

The most rewarding aspect is when my clients share the news about a job offer from the company they were targeting. I have been known to scream in excitement and celebration! Sometimes this happens within days/weeks of working with me. I had one client who had two job offers within two months of working with me, including an offer from her target company.

I’m honored to help people find new jobs and start the next career chapter of their lives. Changing jobs is life-changing, and it helps to have someone to coach you through this transition. My clients thank me for encouraging them, providing support and expertise, helping them feel empowered, and holding them accountable. They trust me to guide them and they find fulfillment, confidence, and happiness in their next role.

When you are ready to work, if you are out of money, want to make more money, or improve your current job situation, sign up for an hourly consultation and let Marketing Mana help you land your dream job.