Building trust with customers

Brand consistency and expectations

branding is morE than design

We’ve all heard that customers buy from brands and companies they trust. Branding is an opportunity to build trust with your customers, after all, Understanding your customers will set your business apart from the rest. Data provides valuable information leading to insights and actions to move your business forward. It’s important to understand your customers, their pain points, their daily life and responsibilities, and ultimately, how your product/service can help them. They want to know about your business as well. Why you do what you do, how you do it is part of your differentiation story. It’s important to be consistent with the look and feel of your brand, it’s also important to define the desired perception behind those visual choices.  

Marketing Mana helps businesses create or refine their mission and vision statements, and define or update their SMART marketing goals. It’s important to keep these business fundamentals in mind while planning a brand’s strategy. It’s also important to remember that customers buy from brands they trust. 68% of customers noted that when making a big purchase, brand trust influences their decision a great deal or a lot. MarTech Today provided a summary of SurveyMonkey’s findings as of October 2018 in an article titled “Another survey shows brand trust affects purchase decisions.” Google’s algorithm has focused on organic search results that help internet users find the information they are searching for, which means relevant content. The key is to incorporate your brand into every touchpoint you have with your customers. They should recognize your style, tone, content, topic, and methods. Trust is built from consistency and expectations. 




Taking Your Business to The Next Level


Effective marketing strategy and plans tell your business story, from your company’s mission and vision statements to your brand story, this is your opportunity to connect with your customers. By focusing on your purpose, and how your business can help your customers, you are providing the opportunity for customers to build brand trust and loyalty.


Marketing Mana helps you understand your customers inside and out. We look at their behaviors and dive deep to understand what they are trying to solve or do, and how the marketplace and your business meets their needs. We believe that you should offer customers the opportunity to interact with your brand/product/service at any time. Marketing Mana helps you find your customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. Your business will be ready no matter where (physical or digital), when, how or why.

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