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Resume writing and Job Search Activities

how to Land your dream job

Understanding your value contributions

building confidence

“I’m ready to work.”

“I’m out of money.”

“I’m not fulfilled at my current role.”

“I want to be challenged.”

“I was laid off.”

Whatever your current situation may be, if you want to change your work life, Marketing Mana can help. Marketing Mana creates powerful connections by helping job seekers refine their story-telling skills in written and spoken form to find the right position at the right company, quickly.


  • Highlight achievements
  • Identify quantifiable results
  • Refine your message
  • Communicate purposeful progression


  • Define the company culture, position, and other attributes that’s right for you
  • Match your resume to your ideal job


  • Collaborative approach – you aren’t doing this alone
  • Structured framework to guide you
  • Support with expertise through the process


  • Understand strengths to highlight your contribution
  • Plan of action to address your weaknesses


  • Be prepared for the tougher questions
  • Handle layoffs, downsizing or restructuring with poise
  • Refined resume messaging highlights achievements to discuss in more detail during interviews
  • Embrace your story with confidence


  • Understand your worth in the marketplace
  • Negotiate with confidence and creativity
  • Learn to graciously turn down offers


  • Recognize value contributions
  • Increased confidence
  • Solidified story
  • Understand obstacles and solutions

You have my support, and I aim to earn your trust. You are not alone in your job search. I will coach you throughout the process, encourage you to dig deep and not settle until you land your desired job. You will feel worthy, empowered and confident as you search for your next position at the right company that fulfills you. A job search is an exchange of opportunities; tune into your needs and take the reins of your future and discover happiness in your new role.

More than 16 years of interview expertise, across various industries, roles, and economic states. I will guide you, while keeping you accountable with homework, next steps, and check-ins. Through work and focus, you will come out ahead.

In case I didn’t mention, there will be homework. This isn’t a quick overnight fix. It takes work and focus on your part. The more you put in, the faster you’ll land your dream job.

“No matter the outcome of the interviews this week I am really gaining a confidence in myself and a strong sense for where I want to land. I love that and I feel so empowered.”

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let's find your dream job

If you want different results, you need to try something different. Invest in yourself by working with Alexis to highlight your achievements and help you efficiently and effectively navigate the job market to find your ideal job. Schedule your first hourly consultation today.




When clients come to us for help in their job search, it’s because they are ready for a change and need help matching their skills and experience to their dream job.

Perhaps their current employer doesn’t see their full value or potential, or their desired role isn’t available at their current company. We have worked with moms ready to re-enter the workforce after several years of taking care of the kids. We’ve helped people that were downsized, even after close to 20 years of loyalty to a company. Whatever your reason is for being in an active job search, we will listen to your challenges, your needs, and help you find the right job for you through our resume writing expertise, cultural fit assessment, and interview preparation.


Marketing Mana works with each client individually on a hourly basis, tailored to your specific needs. Together, we uncover your value contributions, focus on your achievements, and refine your story to highlight accomplishments, resoblved challenges, and measurable results in your resume. You gain confidence as your experience comes to life. You refine your job search with a clear understanding of the right role and company culture that fits where you are in your life. The results speak loudly with clients weighing offers within days or weeks of working with us.

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