Marketing Mana LLC helps small business owners understand their consumers, data, and marketing opportunities to grow their business. With 15+ years of marketing expertise in various industries, including retail, CPG, travel & leisure, financial, grocery, and internet providers, Alexis Rago has worked with top brands on marketing projects of all sizes from multi-million email subscriber campaigns to localized yard signs and door-to-door sales materials. Her experience includes target segments of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers via digital and traditional advertising and marketing methods.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Marketing Mana LLC works with small business owners to align marketing efforts with business goals through a defined marketing strategy. Once a marketing strategy is defined, we can develop a comprehensive marketing plan to define how to attain these goals.

Understanding Your Customers/Consumers

With a keen consumer-focus, Marketing Mana will help you understand your customer/consumer, consumer behavior and media consumption, life cycle and stage, decision making factors and triggers in the path-to-purchase, alternative consideration set, the competitive landscape, and local market nuances.


A great place to start by identifying your goals, your message, and your brand. This is ideal for businesses that are ready to take the next step, or change direction to focus on your core competencies. Marketing Mana will listen, understand your needs, your resources, your time, your budget, and create a customized strategy that works for you.


Marketing Strategy & Plan

Equipped with a well-informed and effective marketing plan, you will see your business succeed with increased revenues due to a deeper understanding of your customers, best places to engage with them, and a clear marketing plan to execute against.

Know what's important to your customers

Customers are savvy, whether it's about making their lives easier, buying products that support sustainability, or recommendations from trusted sources, you should be up-to-date on whatever is important in your customers' eyes.


Next Steps...

Let's talk about your business and how Marketing Mana can help you gain mana. For new clients, your first 45 minutes are on us.