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Social Media

Don’t get buried by shiny new objects

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful opportunity to have your customers engage with your brand, and for your business to learn more about your customers, beyond interacting with your brand. While it’s tempting to learn about every new platform that your community may be joining, it’s okay to say no to the social media shiny new object syndrome. It’s best for you to be where your customers are on social media, but only if you have the resources to contribute and maintain a meaningful presence. Identify where your customers already are on social media and provide value-add content to earn their attention.

Social Media Strategy outlines recommendations on which social media platforms to utilize, the frequency, and which format to use (video/image/live) based on understanding the behavior and habits of your target segments.

Social Media provides a powerful tool to listen to and engage with your customers. Remember to include content that includes something of value, a CTA, and an image in all posts.

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