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Mana Marathon: work on your business with a marketing expert






MARKETING STRATEGY in three weeks 

NO more reasons to delay your business growth

You’ve successfully grown your business based on referrals, word of mouth, and maybe even social media and email. You know you can help more people if only you could reach them more effectively. You just don’t know if marketing will help. You’re not alone.

It’s the 11th hour, the sales forecast now seems to be unreachable, and kudos by the way for having a forecast in place. How many more marketing tactics will you need to deploy to move the needle? How much money have you spent on digital ads? Why won’t people just click and purchase your incredible solution?

Instead of throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, or feeling desperation take a firm grip on you, you realize it’s time to focus and work on the business instead of in the business. 

Marketing tactics that don’t have a strategic foundation can be inefficient, costing you money, time, resources, and possibly impact your business’ brand reputation.

You think strategy is expensive and you don’t have time anyway. That’s where Mana Marathons can help.

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A Mana Marathon is an effective way for small businesses to dive deep into their marketing challenges and goals AND make progress in just three weeks with Alexis guiding you through the process. What do you walk away with? It depends on your goal. We’ve helped clients refine Mission and Vision statements, identify Core Values, and craft key elements of their brand and message to highlight their differentiation. We always define a SMART goal so we can tailor your Mana Marathon to your business needs. This may include a focus on your customers by defining your target segment (avoid the “everyone needs my service/product” approach), understanding the customer journey, developing content strategy and outline topics to explore in future content development, social media strategy, and website user experience. You will walk away with a SMART goal, action plan, and other information depending on the topics you wish to address during the Marathon sessions. This could be a project brief, branding outline, customer description, email marketing, or more. 

See your roi improve when you use strategy, set a goal, and focus on your customer

Mana Marathon provides a small business the opportunity to dive deep and work on their marketing challenges and goals over the course of three weeks.

DISCOVERY: a two-hour session held in the first week to address mission, vision, core values, and define a SMART goal. As time permits, there may be discussions about customer segments and defining your brand. This will be influenced by your mission, vision, and values as these are foundational elements to your brand. Your brand (or corporate identity) will be key to differentiating your company in the marketplace, creating messaging that is relevant to your target segments, and the overall promise to your clients.

MARATHON SESSION #1:  a four-hour session held in the second week. Based on the Discovery, we will continue our brand work and then shift to define and understand your customer segments. We will choose which one to explore deeply, understand who they are, where to find them, and create a customer journey to uncover the triggers and pain points your prospects experience before utilizing VIRTUTEM’s expertise and offerings.

MARATHON SESSION #2: a four-hour session the day after Session #1, as a continuation of session #1. Once we have identified key points during the customer’s journey, we can begin to identify strategies, messaging opportunities and tactics to connect with them.

FINISH LINE: a two-hour session held in the third week to complete the action plan, wrap up loose ends, and answer any questions. The action plan lays out a strategic plan to address the SMART goal from the Discovery session allows you to execute upon and put the strategies into motion to achieve your SMART goal.



  • Develop/refine mission and vision statements
  • Understand Core Values
  • Create SMART goals
  • Define the target segment
  • Develop a customer journey
  • Clarify a brand’s promise and tone
  • Craft relevant messaging
  • Build powerful connections with your customers
  • Put structure in place
  • Prioritize marketing activities
  • Develop an action plan aligned with a SMART goal

My expertise is based on 20+ years of marketing experience in corporations and agencies. As a professional since 1996, my business acumen grew organically in different roles in various industries and regions, and through formal education at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as an MBA with emphases in marketing and corporate strategy.

$4400 is the cost of a Mana Marathon package. This includes the Discovery session, two half-day sessions, and a wrap-up session that are scheduled during 3 consecutive weeks. This also includes any work Alexis does to prepare for each session, as well as any materials provided. Each Mana Marathon is customized to your needs and may explore different areas of marketing. The list above are examples of topics we may cover during your Mana Marathon. 

Mana Marathon

Action Steps

Step 1

Is a Mana Marathon right for you?

Set up a 30-minute complimentary call with Alexis to discuss if these sessions are right for you.

step 2


Once you are ready to commit, contact Alexis to schedule the sessions over three consecutive weeks and secure your spot with a deposit or full payment (depending on the timing).

Step 3

Prep work

Based on the initial marketing challenges and goals you’ve shared, Alexis may give you homework before the sessions begin. Please be sure to share any relevant marketing materials with Alexis so that she can do her homework as well.

step 4


Your Mana Marathon begins with a 2-hour Discovery session in week 1, two consecutive half-day sessions in week 2, and a 2-hour Finish Line session to bring everything together in week 3.

step 5

What’s next

Everyone walks away with something different as it depends on the SMART goal you set in the Discovery session. You will have an action plan to outline strategies, tactics, activities and timing to execute against.

Mana Marathon finishers see success when they are determined to achieve their marketing goal, continue with intention, commit to a growth mindset, and have a plan of accountability.

Alexis helped me and my co-owner take a deep dive into our values and how we can allow these values to shine through to our target market. Alexis broke down our marketing into smaller, more manageable steps, to really explore our customer’s journey and how as a mental health practice we could best help where help is needed. Alexis’ bright and motivating personality stayed consistent through our 2-half day- boot camp which made the entire experience very enjoyable. I would highly recommend!

Brittany Roback, Co-Owner of a mental health practice


  • How do you want customers to think about your brand
  • Finding the right voice: language, tone, and style
  • Consistency is critical
  • When you need to develop brand guidelines
  • Tying it all together: message, design, action requested


  • Database – it’s time to do something with those email addresses you have
  • Gathering email addresses (hint: don’t buy/rent lists)
    • Maintaining a healthy email list (unsubscribes aren’t always a bad thing)
  • Best practices
    • Drip campaigns vs. standalone emails: How to build a relationship and guide your customer through your branded experience
    • Data: Understanding the right number of touchpoints for an email campaign 
  • Opens, clicks, bounces and revenue 
  • Creating segments within your email list
  • The non-open trick that saves you time and money

Expertise based on brands of all sizes

experience based on 20+ years AT corporations and agencies

My co-owner and I did 2 half-day marathon marketing strategy boot-camp with Alexis and she/it was amazing! Super informative and helped us really grasp our target market and how to approach them through marketing. She really helped us think about our client’s journey and discover alternative and creative ways to conceptualize and reach them. This was a WONDERFUL experience and Alexis is so sweet and personal and customized her approach to our business! HIGHLY recommend!

Christine Barker, Co-Owner at a mental health practice

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