I grew up in Hawaii, and yes, it was as magical as you are imagining. Everyday perks included incredible mountains formed by volcanoes, beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and the fresh and flavorful food. What stuck with me most, no matter where in the world I’ve traveled or lived, was the culture. It’s one where you truly see the melting pot we hear about in America, in action. Cultures blend, people celebrate holidays and traditions from other cultures such as Chinese New Year or the Japanese tradition of Boys Day and Girls Day or the Hawaiian tradition of May Day (is Lei Day in Hawai’i!). I was surrounded by beautiful traditions, and often times, I didn’t know it wasn’t my culture, I just knew it’s what we did in Hawaii. Being a part of something so special helped me understand different cultural cues. It’s why I emphasize the importance of understanding your customer/consumer in order to move your marketing efforts and make a difference in your business.

A solid marketing strategy comes from a deep understanding of your customers. What is happening in their life that could be better or easier? How can your product or service help them? What other options do they have in the marketplace? Where do they shop for these products/services? Are they asking friends for recommendations? Did they read something and think “that could help me”? How do their actions in person differ from online? How often are they connected and what device(s) do they use? Which social sites do they visit, how often, how long do they stay, do they contribute (post) or just consume (read/react) and why? There are many questions to uncover various consumer behaviors, and the more you understand, the more your marketing message will target their pain points and lead your business to the coveted top of mind position.

Choose Pono is a Hawaiian phrase for doing the right thing. Marketing, done right, is not necessarily fast, easy, or cheap; however, it does have long-lasting effects and a strong positive impact on your top and bottom line, assuming you take the time to get to know your customers, create a marketing strategy and plan, and actively maintain your company’s marketing efforts. Choosing the next shiny new object in social media because everyone’s doing it can be a waste of time and effort, if your customers aren’t there. For example, a LinkedIn presence for a B2B company makes sense; while an Instagram account for an accountant may not be the best choice. Marketing Mana provides marketing consulting services to help you understand your customers, and helps you choose pono to give your small business the advantage of connecting your products/services benefits to your customers needs/wants. A small business that cares about their customers is noticeable and memorable.

When you are ready to make a difference in your business, fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss how I can deepen your understanding of your customers. Mahalo.