As our email inboxes overflow with how Company X is handling the Coronavirus, email subscribers may think twice about the lists they have joined over the years. I understand why companies want to communicate about limiting or changing their operations that directly impact their customers. Sharing how they are keeping their employees safe may even sway me to choose one company over another.

If you are experiencing a higher than usual unsubscribe rate (which should typically be lower than 0.5%), don’t fret too much as this may be a good thing. People truly interested in your products and services will stick around. With less interested people on your email list, your open rates and conversion rates will increase. This will help you hone in on relevant messaging to determine which campaigns are speaking your customers’ language.

Best practices include scrub your list every 6-12 months to ensure working email addresses to help improve your delivery rate (aim for 100%). Address your subscribers who aren’t engaged, a contributor to lower open rates. Put a double opt-in in place. Give people a choice to unsubscribe from all emails or identify the content they are interested in. Give them a direction to follow because you understand their needs and show them a path.

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