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To boldly go where no one has gone before

by trishbovell on
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I’m running a business, I’m not just a …

On Youtube, there are quite a few channels that are all about books and the love of reading. The community is small but getting together is a lot of fun.
Often there will be special challenges such as ‘Shaketember’, where we read Shakespeare, or Mystery March where we read and share our favorite mysteries .
One of the most recent challenges is #Trek2021, where people read Star Trek novels. Then some people create YouTube videos or host discussions.
So when this week’s prompt came, I immediately thought of the meme (yet erroneous) from the original Star Trek series where Bones McCoy says ‘Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a (fill in the blank)” .
Becoming an entrepreneur feels exactly like that.
I’m a techie person. But starting a business means I had to play all hats at once – the thought leader, the bookkeeper, the sales director, and even the janitor . It got overwhelming fast.
But remembering my ‘why’ and getting the right support system is key. Finding networking groups, hiring professionals, or taking a class to learn how has made business ownership possible .
So next time you’re thinking I’m not a …….., you’re not alone.  The help you need is out there.

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-— Trish Bovell, website designer, developer, & owner of Savvy Web Woman.

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