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4 Powerful Reasons You Need A Content Strategy

by trishbovell on

Learn why you need a content strategy and how you can benefit from it.

During our July WOYB retreat, Alexis & I took the time to create a content strategy. 

Coming out of the retreat, we had identified pain points of our ideal customer and potential topics that they would find valuable. 

Alexis planned out a 3-month content strategy that tied together everything we wanted to say.  She defined a weekly theme and created a calendar for us.  Each week’s theme builds on the previous ones and helps us reach our goal. 

I created a blog template for us that includes keywords, what headlines, what images to use, and meta descriptions for Google searches and for sharing on social media. 

While it was tough to get started, doing this work upfront has shown us some benefits: 

  1. Saves time. Taking the time upfront to think ahead has given us a direction and we’re not having to take the time each week to think about what topic we are going to write about. The first few weeks took longer, but we got faster as time went on. 
  2. Habit-forming.  Now that writing a blog post is a regular part of my week, I find that I’m thinking about what I could post during downtime such as when I’m walking my dog.  Now I know that Thursdays are the day I publish my blog post. 
  3. Improved post value.  The best way to learn is through experience.  The more we actually do it, the better value the posts are providing.   
  4. Social Media content.  Your own website is the most important digital marketing tool.  Being active on social media makes it more likely that people will find you and engage with you. 


Best of all, being able to do it together has given us the accountability to actually get it done.  I appreciate having a partner that has given me more confidence in writing. 


A content strategy is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. When done properly, a content strategy will help your company not only create a steady stream of content, but also a steady stream of content that is worth its readers’ time.

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-— Trish Bovell, website designer, developer, & owner of Savvy Web Woman.

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