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by Alexis Skigen Rago on

Aloha Small Business 'Ohana,

It's time to celebrate! Marketing Mana turned 5 this week and as I encourage and remind my clients, it's important to celebrate your journey and accomplishments along the way. Here are five marketing highlights I actively use in my business every day, and I believe these can help you in your small business.


I recently moved my website to a new host, which is no small feat. I did this for efficiencies, improved integration with my CRM, and better analytics. I also simplified the content and design so as not to overwhelm my Dream Clients. That's just one example of the many actions I have taken (in fact this is the third version of my website).
This year, I am consistently posting to social media in an effort to share marketing tips with my small business owners 'ohana. My intention for these tips is truly to add value to your day, based on my more than 25 years of marketing expertise and first-hand experience as a small business owner.
I also choose to be consistent by being present (not looking at apps on my device) for meetings and events, and typically that means I forget to take a picture and share what I'm doing at the moment. Over the past few years, as people adopted the use of video conferencing (Zoom, Teams, etc.), I was able to coach entrepreneurs and speak at events, remotely, hybrid, and in-person. This allows me the opportunity to reach more small business owners throughout the U.S. and I am adjusting my marketing strategy to include a broader audience on a consistent basis. 


You may have seen I took the stage recently as a live storyteller. It was good until my mind went blank about halfway through. While it only lasted 36 seconds, it felt like 5 minutes while I was on stage, literally a few feet from 15 friends, clients, colleagues, and my Dad who was recording me. I stuck with it, did some improv to gain time, and recovered with humor that was relevant to my story. I tried a new thing and discovered it was a lot of fun. I look forward to doing it again. I wanted this experience so I could improve storytelling in my business and I learned a lot and was glad to be fearless. Click here to see my story, failure, and recovery. 


I continue to learn more about my Dream Clients (my niche) as I focus on established small business owners who are ready for more growth. You are action-takers and while you may have inhibitions or get in your own way, you know what you want and are willing to do the work. You are passionate about helping your Dream Clients, creating a fantastic culture, developing your team, and surrounding yourself with vendors, partners, employees and clients that appreciate your why.
I love being your trusted guide as I listen to your challenges and help you discover your direction, clarify your message, and address your limiting beliefs. 


During the first year or two of my business, I didn't want to outsource any part of my business. Then I realized how much I hate bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes, and while I had to relearn everything books related (which I hated in business school too), I knew there were experts that could help me, and it would be better to pay them for their knowledge, learn along the way, and use my time to contribute value to my business. I have a team of experts that I hire so I can focus on the parts of the business I love and need to lead. Ultimately, I still make the decisions, I just have my team as an incredible resource.
I also am focused on my calendar and how I spend my time. As a single mom, it's important to be available for my sons after school. There are some days when I'm not around due to a conference or event. I am in control of my calendar and am mindful of the impact my work calendar has on the family.
I have volunteered with different nonprofits over the years, been actively involved on various committees, and part of several networking groups. I am now approaching meetings and events with an intentional mindset that is focused on my Vision, Purpose-Driven Mission, and immediate SMART Goal, as well as the impact on family time after the school day ends.  


As a solopreneur, and being true to who I am as a person, it's important to continuously learn and grow. I've had coaches in the past, some of which were focused on me, and some seemed to be focused on their profit. It took me a while to trust myself to choose another coach after that experience. For the past 8 months, I've invested over $20k in a coaching program to focus on my growth as a business owner. I am doing uncomfortable things and going deeper by re-examining things that I've done, to see what else I can learn. I commit several hours each week to learning and growth and I'm excited about the insights I've uncovered and changes I've implemented. Ultimately, I want to help small business owners be surrounded by Dream Clients, to feel fulfilled in business, and in life.


Considering 50% of small businesses make it to Year 5, and 34% make it to Year 10, I'm excited to work towards the next milestone.
My next big project is the near-future launch of my upcoming online course about networking: Unforgettable Introductions: Attract your Dream Clients, Love your Small Business. I have been pouring my heart and soul into this course because we can all improve our introductions and use our time more effectively and efficiently at networking events. Stay tuned for more details.
I'm also developing my next Work On Your Business retreat, and while nothing is finalized yet, you are the first to know I am looking into hosting one this fall in Hawai'i. Comment below or reach out if you want more details.
I'm also lining up speaking events. If you have a strategic marketing need, and a group of business owners that would benefit as well, please comment below or send me an email (click here).
I hope these five highlights of the achievements I've experienced inspire you to look into your business and see how you can incorporate these into your daily business.
When you've had enough and know it's time your marketing efforts deliver ROI, let's talk. I'd love to hear about your marketing goals and challenges and see how I can help your business reach its potential. Click here to secure your 30-minute meeting.
I look forward to having the honor of working with you and celebrating your achievements together.
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