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New Year, New Changes

by Alexis Skigen Rago on

Happy New Year!

There are exciting changes happening with Work On Your Business Retreats.

In December, Trish and I came to the conclusion that it’s best for me to take full ownership of Work On Your Business, as part of Marketing Mana LLC. Trish will be a part of the WOYB Retreat as a Web Strategist, which leads us to the second change.

The agenda is changing. Trish will lead our participants through a landing page build as part of the retreat weekend. Now, our participants will be able to put their marketing strategy into action…during the weekend! I’m not a fan of the exclamation point, but this is truly exciting and a huge value to small business owners. Much more to come about this next month.

The third change will be the venue. I promise, it will be incredible. We will still have space to create a retreat that allows intense focus on your business, shared meals to build bonds with your fellow WOYB retreaters, and also some serenity so you can peacefully retreat to your private room and not worry about sharing a bathroom. 

Regarding COVID, much is unknown of what the positivity rates and variants will be in the future. I will require all participants and experts to follow CDC guidelines. I am committed to keeping everyone healthy.

The last change, for now, is hidden in the plural reference. I am planning to host two WOYB retreats in 2022. Dates are not yet confirmed, and you can influence the timing and location for the first one in 2022. Click below for a short (1-2 minute) survey.

It helps to have experts guide you in planning your marketing strategy. The Work On Your Business Retreat offers up to 10 small business owners an exclusive long weekend to develop marketing and website strategies tailored to your business. Throughout the weekend, we not only define the elements and strategies but also create an actionable plan to help you follow through on the execution of the marketing & website tactics. 

Written by Alexis Rago, the Big Kahuna at Marketing Mana LLC and Work On Your Business. Alexis coaches small business owners to feel empowered with their marketing strategy and create powerful connections with their ideal clients. We’ll clarify your business core values and mission statements to create a solid foundation for branding, customer segmentation, messaging, finding the right tactics, and more.

Alexis enjoys life as an entrepreneur, while also managing the role of mom to two kids and one fur baby, as well as being a wife, daughter, friend, and volunteer. 

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