I am a proud mom of two elementary school-aged boys. They are sweet, smart, energetic, funny, lively, non-stop, curious, adorable and overall good kids. I say overall because sometimes I have to remind myself that they do have good values, especially when they are fighting or not playing fair. The older one likes to parent the younger one, the younger one likes to do what he wants, when he wants, no matter what. These actions and choices do cause problems, and I do my best to help them discover better choices and subsequently better consequences/results. They do their best to make it right, and the cycle repeats, with hopeful improved choices in the future.

Sometimes, they get frustrated when their actions result in a different outcome than expected. A recurring theme I continue to teach them is that nobody is perfect. Growing up I remember hearing that “practice makes perfect” and now the shift in mentality is “practice makes better”. My kids, who have nice healthy egos, believe “I don’t need to practice, I know how to do this.” The reality is, whether they do know what they’re doing or not, they may be shutting themselves out of other opportunities to learn, grow, and improve. Or in marketing speak, test, analyze, and optimize.

This brings me to my exciting news of my company’s website launch! I’m proud to start testing and collecting data insights and of course, share details about Marketing Mana LLC’s services and offerings. By sharing content, I can start gathering data, which will lead to testing various elements, analyzing and optimizing marketing assets to reach my goals. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not perfect, however, websites should be treated as a living asset, just like your marketing plan is a living document. Your website may need a complete overhaul, or new content more frequently, perhaps new features are needed as you grow your business (e-Commerce anyone?), or just listen to your users and help them through online pain points. It’s important to keep your users engaged. I know my website will be changing in the weeks and months ahead and things are in motion to hit those goals. I’m working with a talented logo designer that may impact my brand identity, so I’ll update the fonts, colors, and general look and feel as needed. I’m creating more content to go deeper in my services offered, and as I do, more pages will be added to my site (increasing my SEO results). I’m curating and creating images that align with my brand guidelines, and that may happen one page at a time. If I held off until I had all the perfect pieces in place, I’d miss out on opportunities. Marketing takes time and effort, and I’ve done enough to share  it with you, so that you may inquire about my services and share the news with others. For me, it’s about putting myself out there so I can meet with business owners who are ready to have someone help with their strategic marketing challenges and I can achieve my goal of helping small businesses with their marketing so that they can focus on what they love doing.

What important things are there in your business but you haven’t capitalized on them because something isn’t perfect?

Marketing Mana provides marketing expertise for small business owners who are ready to bring power to their business through a customized marketing strategy. Marketing plans are energized by choosing pono (righteous) through listening and understanding your customers, clients, consumers, or end users and developing powerful marketing messages based on data, trends, the competitive marketplace, and your business’s goals, mission, vision, and core values.

I’m open for business and excited to help your business solve your marketing challenges so your business can grow to meet its potential. Fill out your information below and I’ll be in touch soon to discuss how Marketing Mana can help.